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Heavenly order

The beautiful and unique organization of the Quran

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Is the Quran organized in any particular order? If so, what is it and is there a purpose behind understanding its organization? How will this impact my recitation of the Quran?

These are some of the questions that our new online course, Heavenly Order, aims to address and clarify.

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan has spent the last 20 years studying the harmony and organization of the Quran and this course is designed to explain the organization of Allah's words in a way that is easy to understand.

Join us as we explore the organization and coherence of the Quran through regular and immersive video releases and live Q&A sessions in this 5-week online course.

course outline

Quran Seminars: Heavenly Order is a 5-week online course. When you register you will be given a username and password to the URL to watch twenty video lessons released between March 5 - April 6th.

There will be a new video lesson released every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday which you can watch at your convenience. Most lessons contain 40 - 60 minutes of content and some are broken into parts. Ustadh Nouman's live sessions begin at 3pm and 6pm US Central Time on Thursdays. If you miss them, the recordings will be available on the website for 60 days after the course completes.

Lesson 1

Introduction & Historical Arguments
Books are traditionally organized in a way such that their content is presented chronologically with plots building one on top of another. However, the Quran is unlike any other book - its sequence is not determined by length, subject, nor the order of revelation, but it is that of a divine design.

Lesson 2

Textual Arguments
The etymological implications of the words "Kitaab" and "Quran" suggest that the organization of this Book is of divine origin.

Lesson 3

Spiritual Arguments
From the positions of the celestial bodies to the atomic particles, the world around us is in perfect harmony. Reflecting on our surroundings can bring us to the conclusion that the Quran is in heavenly order.


In this live session, Ustadh Nouman reflects on your comments and answers some of your most compelling questions.

Lesson 4

Seemingly Unrelated Ayaat: Abasa and Talaq
At first sight, the arrangement of the Quran may seem haphazard and random, but this is part of Allah's wisdom - what we presume as being unconnected, only Allah can teach its correlation.

Lesson 5

Seemingly Unrelated Ayaat: Qiyama and Ankabut
Some passages in the Quran seem to jump around from one topic to another. While these topics may seem unrelated, there is actually subtle and profound wisdom that can be extracted.

Lesson 6

Seemingly Unrelated Ayaat: Ma'ida
Surah al-Ma'ida is seen as the final address to the believers in times of ease, yet ayah 11 of this surah seems to address the believer in times of oppression. While some orientalists argue the inconsequentiality of this ayah, we are reminded that all ayaat in their place serves a purpose.


In this live session, Ustadh Nouman reflects on your comments and answers some of your most compelling questions.

Lesson 7

Linear Coherence of Passages: Al−Baqarah, Ali 'Imran, An−Naba, and An−Nahl
The coherence between passages of the Quran can be seen through a steady progression of thoughts and imagery in these surahs. Allah encourages us to reflect on the entire creation, in order for us to be grateful and mindful of His blessings upon us.

Lesson 8

Linear Coherence of Passage: Al−Baqarah
The theme of life manifests itself in refined ways through Surah Al-Baqarah's examples of an anchor, Ibrahim (PBUH) and Namrud, ruined towns, revived dead birds, and sprouting seeds.

Lesson 9

Structural Coherence of Passage: Al−Baqarah and An−Naba
The symmetrical structure of Surah Al-Baqarah (122-133) brings us to a profound lesson about the importance of making mention of the favor of Allah, while the pairing in Surah An-Naba prompts the reflector to arrive at a powerful conclusion about the Afterlife.

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Student Reviews

  • It was such a spiritual boost for me to connect. I could see the miraculous nature of the Quran opening up in front of me that I was never able to see before.

    Sarah Kabir - Irving, Texas

  • These chapters are woven in together to create a flowing pattern, a flowing idea that is Allah teaching us, and telling us how to achieve guidance in this dunya.

    Rayan Magsi - Columbus, Ohio